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Selling vs. Talking

"Most people think selling is the same thing as talking.  The most effective salespeople know that listening is the most important part of their job." - Roy Bartell

Sales is a tough job.  Sometimes your batteries need to be recharged with an infusion of fresh new selling strategies that work.... strategies that have been tested and proven by a sales professional who has the chops and wants to share them with you team! That is what you will get from the team at OnTask.  


You made an investment in your team now develop that talent to not just be a revenue engine but also a talent development center so they can grow into their next stages of their sales career.  

The program is designed to help your team learn a strategic sales process that takes the guesswork (and rejection) out of phone sales.  Getting them up to speed on goal setting and time management skills needed to success in today's new sales digital, social and cloud world.  

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